Rachael Meets The Punishment Man

Part Two – The Flogging of Rachael

Featuring Rachael Lloyd and Master Kain

Rachael has suffered the indignity of having her bare bottom thoroughly spanked by a stranger and still doesn’t understand who he is and why he is punishing her. Thinking it is over she breathes a sigh of relief. The stranger though has only paused to open his case which to her horror is full of all sorts of weird things. Although she hasn’t seen such things before, a bundle of twigs, a strap, a twin tailed very thick strap and what looks like a multi tailed whip. Fearfully she understands what they are for to beat her bare bottom. 

Moments later she is back on her bed with her naked bottom offered for more punishment and is soundly thrashed with the bunch of twigs. She has never felt such stinging pain before and prays that it will soon stop. When the beating does stop she is beaten with the strap and then the heavy twin tailed strap. Her bottom feels like it is on fire. Surely nothing can be more painful than this but then comes the multi-tailed whip. Her bottom feels like it is being cut to shreds. What on earth has she done to be treated this way and who is this strange man…