The girls come downstairs from their boarding rooms to check their uniforms are on correctly; the school has a very strict dress policy. The Gym Mistress comes upon them and finds one of them chewing gum; a great excuse to hand out some more punishment. But the girls are tired of the Gym Mistress picking on and punishing them for the most innocuous thing and insist on seeing the Headmistress to voice their concerns. Luckily for the pupils, the Headmistress comes across them and berates the Gym Mistress for always picking on the prettiest ones. Well, she’ll have to show her who is in really in charge here. Despite her protestations, the Gym Mistress is ordered over her knee for a good hard spanking. The Head tells the pupil to go fetch her friends to watch this humiliating experience and, after she is finished, invites each pupil to spank the Gym Mistress in turn…how embarrassing!