Night Howls Part 1

Part 6 of The Headmaster’s Study

Featuring JoJo as Miss Johnson and Steve Von Vickershausen as Mr. Barton the Headmaster.

Headmaster Mr Barton is sat in his office bored and pondering why he let himself be talked into being available for the adult evening classes. There is a knock on the door, in walks Miss Johnson who is a mature student attending Waterhouse Wold night school to improve her Italian language skills even though she has hardly attended any of the classes. The headmaster looks up to see she is wearing full school uniform. He is not happy at all. Is this some big joke? Is someone trying to make him look foolish. Well if it is a big big joke the laugh is going to be on her. He will treat her the same as any of the other girls who misbehave but harsher. Poor Miss Johnson suffers a severe bare bottom hand spanking followed by a harsh strapping, one that leaves her buttocks and back of her thighs deep red and badly marked