Lola Anderson is the latest employee to face the difficult choice of being fired or taking a hard caning and hand-tawsing punishment. She chooses the latter option and is visibly nervous as she contemplates what is about to happen. She presents the heavy rattan cane and leather tawse for the punishment where she is to receive 24 hard strokes of the cane followed by 10 stinging swats of the tawse across Lola’s outstretched hands. The punishment is carried out with her naked, so she slowly undresses, nervously eyeing the cane, before being placed over in a revealing position with her bottom stuck out and presented for the first strokes. Lola is a very stoic young lady, she takes these canings with gritted teeth but as the caning progresses, the facial reactions and the way she reacts to the severe cane strokes clearly show this message is getting through to her. The evidence of the welts on her bottom is enough to show how much this is hurting and by all 24 her poor bottom and upper thighs are an angry red mass or parallel welts. Then she receives the heavy tawse, Lola has never felt pain like this… and in the end, she shows us just how red and swollen her palms have become. Lola is allowed to ice her bottom, and the cold cubes soothe her red striped bottom as the ice quickly melts from the heat of her bottom. Only then is Lola allowed to leave the room and compose herself after she tells us how she felt about this difficult workplace punishment. This special video is from a valued custom client who wanted us to film Lola in this precarious caning scenario.