Tracey Gets Therapy

Tracey is in the Therapist’s office telling him of past troubles she wants to come to terms with. She has done some very bad things. He asks how her parents used to discipline her and it transpires she has never really known any boundaries during her upbringing. The Therapist has an idea… that Tracey forgive herself for her past misdemeanors by taking part in Spanking Therapy. Tracey reluctantly agrees, but she trusts this man and wants to get better. He starts with a hand spanking. Tracey takes it well but is still unsure, but he is determined for his unique approach to work. It seems that Tracey has been so naughty in the past that she has quite a long way to go! Now bent over the desk he thrashes her bare behind with a round ended black leather queen crop. She cries out loudly in pain, grabbing the edge of the desk for support. Her bottom is bright pink and her breathing shallow. That was quite an ordeal! He stops and tells her to take a few deep breaths in preparation for the next round of strokes before proceeding to beat her bottom once more. Again she screams and looks deflated by the time it is over. Sitting back down, the Therapist arranges the next session with him. I wonder what THAT will entail?s.

The Punishment Club