The Angry Patient

Nurse Lee checks Mr Johnson’s heart with the stethoscope and hears it going ridiculously fast. She calls Doctor Akroyd, who smells a rat. It appears Nurse Lee has given him the wrong medication! He’s a dithery cantankerous old man, so this was never going to be a good outcome for the ladies! He insists the Doctor punish Nurse Lee by giving her a good spanking promising not to take this unfortunate incident any further. Nurse Lee reluctantly bends over the bed. Dr Akroyd pulls up her lab coat, down comes her skirt and little black panties and she slaps her bottom hard then takes a hairbrush and begins whacking Nurse Lee’s buttocks with it, trying to appease the old man.

Mr Johnson has had enough of this carry on and climbs out of bed, sits on the edge and drags Doctor Akroyd over his knee. Down come her pants and he gives her a really good, hard spanking too. Mr Johnson seems to regain his strength and no longer appears to be ill! He makes both women bend over on all fours, pulls Doctor Akroyd’s shoe off and slippers both girls good and hard with it, making them count. The staff members become more subordinate with each stroke and finally begin showing some signs of remorse for messing up Mr Johnson’s medication.

The Punishment Club