Alice complains to her Boss that Amanda the secretary failed to send the end of week paperwork off in time, so no one got paid. Mr Johnson summons Amanda to the office. A sheepish Amanda apologises profusely, but Alice says it just isn’t good enough. Amanda is terrified of losing her job, but he offers her an appealing alternative… “What about if Alice spanks you?” Alice looks as shocked as Amanda because she has never spanked anyone in her life but takes up the offer to get her revenge. Mr Johnson instructs her how to pull Amanda over her knee and spank her properly. Alice takes to it easily and enjoys this position of power! Amanda doesn’t and squeals throughout! For every complaint Alice spanks harder and smiles. Mr Johnson steps in mid way to silence Amanda with his own hand! Alice finally lets Amanda stand up, but only because he wants to show her how to punish Amanda’s bottom with the riding crop he keeps in his office. He instructs Alice to give Amanda twelve strokes of the crop and she duly complies. Alice is quite the confident spanker and this won’t be the last time she does this! Next comes a slippering! He demonstrates exactly how it should be done before passing the plimsoll to Alice for her turn…

The Punishment Club

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