Zoe Caught Stealing

Zoe arrives at school and goes to see the school teacher with a note from her father. She has been caught pilfering a quality pen from the teacher. Zoe tried to wriggle out of it, but it doesn’t wash. She also claims she’s done her homework but Miss isn’t convinced. First up a she needs to be disciplined for stealing, so it’s over Miss’ knee for a good hand spanking. Next she is tested on her homework, which she fails miserably. Soon she is over her desk for another spanking followed up by an otk spanking on her bare bottom. Miss discovers that her failed homework was down to Zoe going to a party instead of studying. Made to touch her toes, she is slippered. Another test and Zoe knows she is not going to get away without more punishment. She can see Miss is in the mood for it and submits to more slipperings and canings…

The Punishment Club

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