Brigella Truant Spanked

Brigella The Truant Spanked Featuring Brigella Brigella gets caught by the the truancy office bunking off school. Her punishment is swift and harsh, a knickers down bare bottom spanking Prefects Pleasure – The Video                                                                                    

Brigella TV Repair Spanking

Brigella TV Repair Spanking Featuring Brigella Brigella thought it such a wheeze to pinch the TV repairman’s bum, as he repaired her television.  She regretted it when he took her over his knee, bared her bottom by dragging her knickers down and spanked her hard! Prefects Pleasure – The Video                                                                                    

Spank Club

Spank Club The original Spank Club can be found on the Spanking Veronica Works site. This one has all new ladies and is led by the very dominant and beautiful Bella Bathroy who guides the hotties through a long spanking competition. See who can survive the various spanking and paddling challenges. Cast also includes EloriContinue reading Spank Club

Missed Meeting

Missed Meeting STARRING: Alex Reynolds & Clare Fonda F/F Spanking OTK Miss Fonda’s Personal Assistant, Alex, has messed up one too many times.  Completely forgetting about a scheduled presentation, Alex left her boss hugely embarrassed in front of clients.  Later that day forgetful Alex pays the price as she gets a smacked bottom she thoroughlyContinue reading Missed Meeting