Strong Language

The Punishment Club

STARRING: Maddy Marks & Sarah Gregory

Spanking OTK, Wooden Paddle

Alex has invited her school-friend Ally over to play a new video game. The game is much harder than they expected, resulting in an escalating scale of swearing, both content and volume. Unfortunately for them, they haven’t noticed that Paul is in fact home, and soon makes his presence, and displeasure, felt! Alex knows full well she can expect a spanking, probably the belt across her bare bottom too. Neither of the girls expect him to enforce his house rules on Ally though! How embarrassing for Alex, both to have her panties taken down and be punished in front of her friend, AND having caused her to get a spanking too!

NB. If you’re a fan of the wonderful view of white cotton panties up a schoolgirl’s skirt, (and who on Earth isn’t?!), the first few minutes of this film will blow you away!