New girl Lola Belle is getting a lot of complaints because she is always on her phone even when she sees clients. So when Clare comes to lecture her about it, Lola is of course on her phone. She gets a spanking from the Madam, but even uses her phone then, so Clare uses her phone to spank her.


Kay Richards gets in trouble for having disciplined her new maid for no good reason. The head of the Maid Service Maddy Marks is visiting Kay when she calls her out of it. Maddy puts Kay over her knee and gives her a long, hard spanking to teach her a lesson. Maddy uses her hand and a leather paddle to turn Kay’s bottom bright red and speckled.

When Iris visited her former teacher Clare Fonda at her home, she got a spanking from her. But now it is time for the teacher to get spanked. Clare finds herself over the knee of Iris for a long, punishing spanking using her hand and the dreaded wooden bath brush. Clare ends up with a sore, red bottom from the very tall, dominant student.