An Appointment For Laura Jenkins

Featuring Dublin O’Brien

Suitably refreshed, Officer Croft returns to berate young Jenkins from using expletives during her caning. For that she is to receive a further caning whilst bent over a chair. The strokes rain down on poor Jenkins’ bare bottom as she gasps and moans and wriggles throughout her 36 strokes. She is ordered to the gym to change into gym kit and given exactly 3 minutes to change. Sadly, she arrives 4 seconds late and is sent to the Headmaster’s office for the senior cane. Jenkins returns and is put over the horse, arse out and told to stay very still while Miss delivers a dozen strokes. Thinking it was all over, Miss has her laid flat on the horse for further punishment for the way she threw her school jacket onto the peg! The gasps become even more audible and Jenkins can’t help but cry when the ordeal is finally over.

The Punishment Club