Punished For Teasing The Boys

The Housemaster delivered a troublemaking girl to Miss Hardcastle for discipline. Without delay she was over the punishment stool with her bottom bared. The Housemaster had already reddened it but only the Headmistress could cane her. What a spanking she got for her short, short skirt, seamed stockings and high heels that ‘only encourage the boys’ in the Head’s view. Miss Hardcastle raised the level of discipline to a paddle and a very painful slipper. She was really going to punish the new girl and laid on the strap, very hard indeed, although the girl was taking it well, despite her obvious pain. Inevitably, the cane was slicing through the air soon and the girl had to count off six whistling slashes of the rattan before she had to report to Sir. If he sent her back for more it would be the senior cane.

The Punishment Club