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Rosaleen Young – Yes Miss

Yes Miss Featuring: Susan and Rosaleen Young Susan walks into her boyfriends room to find another girl, the very bratty Rosaleen, in his shirt.. and ONLY his shirt and panties. Susan is furious and when the young brat tries to act tough, the much larger Susan wrestles her over the knee and spanks the little slutty brats…

Rosaleen Young’s Wake Up Call

Rosaleen Young’s Wake Up Call Featuring: Miss Parker and Rosaleen Young Lazy slut Rosaleen Young is woken up and then hauled over her mother’s knee, her PJS are yanked down for a hard bare bottom spanking. But she is not only hand spanked she is also thrashed  bare arse with a hairbrush!

Rosaleen Young Caning

Rosaleen Young Caning Featuring: Elizabeth Simpson, Rosaleen Young Rosaleen is mouthing off about not wanting to clean up, and Miss Simpson has just about had it. She grabs the brat, pulls her shorts and panties off, and proceeds to spank her till she is pleading with her hand, before picking up the slipper and using it to…

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