Chelsea Spanks! Mei – Video

Free Video with Chelsea Pfeiffer and Mei Mara from Good Spanking Studios.

When petite Mei arrived she was as nervous as I’ve seen. But, there was something else there, too. She’s was visually quivering in anticipation of her spanking! Mei wanted it and she wanted it bad. “I just love being spanked!” she declared.’Okie, dokie,’ I thought, “here we go with another hard core spankee.’ Mei is so tiny, though, that I was at first a bit taken back. No need. She raised her bottom to meet my hand with each smack! She panted and squirmed, but always raised up to feel more sting.

Sting is my specialty. Clearly, it was time for some implements. Mei chose my leather paddle, to start. Quickly she was ready for more, so once again my best hardwood paddle was employed. Next, we had Mei bend over the couch and she spread her legs quite submissively for her cropping. She met her strapping head-on, too, bent over so far to raise her bottom up, she left her pussy vulnerable to the occasional nip of the strap. Finally, we agreed she ought to be caned!

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