Liars Never Prosper – Video

Free Video with Clara Hewitt and Violet Haze Momma Spankings.

Violet doesn’t want to go to school since it is the day of the big Mathematics test and she failed to study properly. She tells Mommy she is not well and needs to stay home. Unfortunately for Violet, Mommy says that a rectal thermometer is the most accurate way to know if there is a fever. Violet is embarrassed and reluctantly agrees hoping that her temperature is high enough to have her avoid going to school.

She is told to lie on her stomach as Mommy pulls down Violet’s pajama bottoms and panties. The naughty girl must spread her bottom wide to stick the thermometer in her most private place! Violet is utterly humiliated as the thermometer sits inside her bottom with everything on display for her mother. Of course, Violet is healthy and she has been lying. Mother is upset and punishment with an old-fashioned spanking is the only way this miscreant will learn a proper lesson that, ‘liars never prosper’.

Violet is spanked right on the bare bottom and kicks and squirms as her cheeks turn a darker shade of crimson at the hands of her angry mother. After the hand spanking, Violet is told to fetch the hairbrush so Mommy can continue the punishment with a hard hairbrush smacking to her lying girl’s bare bottom.

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