She Can’t Stop Wanking – Video

Free Spanking Video from Spanking SarahFree Video with Gabie and Sarah Stern from Spanking Sarah.

Gabie has been away from work taking some annual leave, but she has been missing the strict and firm guidance of her Step mommy Sarah. She decides to visit the office and see her idol. Sadly, when she gets there, she finds the office is empty. She is so disappointed! From a POV she talks to you about this and just how much she enjoys being taken in hand by Sarah. She starts to self spank and play with her pussy. Sarah is shocked to walk in and soon has Gabie over the knee getting a proper spanking.

Gabie obviously needs to learn a few more lessons so is instructed to come home to her Stepmother’s for some more regression training. She goes upstairs to put her teeny clothing on and to put her hair into bunches with ribbons but whilst she is up there, she gets the urge to play with herself once more! She gets caught and her wet knickers go into her mouth whilst she goes over the knee on the bed for yet another spanking.

She is warned that if she is caught touching herself again that the consequences will be dire. The next day Gabie has been tasked to write lines. She secretly touches herself whilst doing so. She isn’t caught but when questioned by her Step Mommy, decides to tell the truth. Her hands are tied to prevent any further playing and she is spanked hard in the diaper position. She is then put into a nappy to prevent any more masturbation.

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Preview: She Calls us Perverts in Curlers!

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