Stealing Scouts Spanked – Video

Free Video with Miss Bernadette, Fae and Lyra II, Momma Spankings.

Miss Bernadette waits patiently for her daughter Fae, and her friend Lyra, to return home from supposedly delivering the Girl Scout cookies to those who ordered and paid for them. However, this was not the case… She received multiple phone calls from the neighbors that the cookies were never delivered as promised. When she confronts the two ladies about it, they tell lie after lie. The truth finally comes out; The two lying madams had taken the money, bought the cookies, and given them to their friends.

They had also helped themselves to the delicious cookies instead of delivering them to those who rightfully paid. The two lying girls are taken over Bernadette’s lap, one at a time, for a hard hand spanking. After their bottoms are bare, sore, and red they are told to stand up and bend over the couch, side by side. Miss Bernadette uses the mean-looking leather strap for each girl as they receive 20 strokes back and forth for the 20 boxes of cookies they had stolen. After the punishment is finished they are a sorry-looking pair, rubbing their sore aching bottoms in shame afterward.

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