Teaching Sunny A Lesson – Video

Free Video with Miss Bernadette and Sunny Days, from AAA Spanking.

Sunny Days has been failing at school and her parents have hired a special tutor, Miss Bernadette, to help with her studies. Sunny doesn’t know that her tutor has been permitted to teach this slacking miscreant using any method, including discipline if Sunny seems unwilling to learn. Sunny is bored during her after-school tutorial at home and loses concentration, much to the annoyance of Miss Bernadette.

After repeated requests to pay attention, the exasperated tutor has had enough and feels a different lesson is required to help focus Sunny during her studies. Bernadette informs Sunny that she is to receive a spanking with the promise of a leather strapping afterward. The poor girl is embarrassed that it has come to this and promises she will do better… But it is too late for apologies! Her short school dress rides up revealing tight white cotton panties and Miss Bernadette scolds and spanks the naughty girl.

The spankings continue across her bare buttocks with her panties pulled down and Sunny is feeling quite humiliated! The second part of this disciplinary lesson is with her bent over, receiving dozens of licks of leather from Miss Bernadette’s stinging strap. It is the first time she has strapped and the naughty schoolgirl wants to avoid this in the future. She is allowed 5 minutes to reflect on her behavior, rubbing her aching sore bottom before her tutorial continues!

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Preview: Arella’s Humiliating Punishment