Angelica has got Detention for talking in class and being super disruptive. She had been spanked by her History teacher, Miss Watkins, but Angelica continued to be an annoying talkative brat right after so was told to report to Headmaster later for further punishment. If she was going to waste everyone’s time, then she would know what it would be like to have that taken from her, writing lines, all alone. Presently, her hour is nearly up & Mr. Osborne returns to the office to see how her detention line writing has progressed.

What he finds appalls him, she has been doodling and nowhere near completed her repetitive punishment lines. He’s not taking any more of this silly nonsense and places her over his lap for an immediate hard hand spanking, aware that she had been spanked earlier. Her white school panties are pulled down as her quickly reddening bottom contrasts beautifully with her crisp knicker, revealing how painful and sore this spanking must be. Her poor attitude, as she continues to talk back, earns her further discipline with a caning.

She is put over the desk, bottom stuck out, panties around her feet… As he delivers a mean dozen severe strokes. The ensuing welts are quite visible, leaving more lines than she bargained for as he has her sit down (uncomfortably) to continue writing out the lines she had ignored earlier. Perhaps now she will learn her lesson, a lesson that is best learned on the bare!