The Handmaid’s Story – Video

Free Spanking and Birching Video from Spanking SarahFree Video with Clover and Lizy Locket from Spanking Sarah.

Is this the way a member of the British aristocracy would really behave. Having his maid dress in Victorian costume including split crotch bloomers. Well maybe it is but then when she misbehaves do you think it right that he makes her bare her bottom and then take his riding crop to her and beat her despite her crying out for mercy, Well it seems that is just what goes on here. It seems our very British gentleman can’t keep his hands to himself.

Not only does he beat his maid with his riding crop but when she seeks some comfort from a fellow maid he makes them both strip down and take up some most humiliating positions while he straps and paddles their bare bottoms. The poor girls have to do as they are told or the punishment will get far worse. Maids Lizy and Clover are now to be birched and cling together in fear their hard hearted master shows no mercy as the birch marks their tender bottoms and breasts.

These are real birch rods and the girls have to take the full birching on their already tender bottoms. They comfort each other but the strokes keep coming from their young Master.

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