Corrective Discipline For Lexi – Video

Free Video with Lexi Holland and Johnny Lake from Cheerleader Spankings.

Lexi Holland has been summoned to meet Coach Johnny Lake at the team’s hotel suite. He is alone, except for a Reformatory Strap and a mean scowl as he reprimands his Head Cheer Girl for her recent behavior. She has jeopardized the school’s relationship with the hotel because she is the instigator of high jinks and pranks on the premises. He has promised the management that there will be no more incidents after dealing with Lexi in his fashion.

Coach likes to mete out discipline the traditional way, ensuring corrective measures with spanking and other forms of punishment. Lexi is told she will take a spanking and that there is the promise of a leather strapping across her buttocks afterward for her to think about. She reluctantly goes over his lap and is embarrassed that his hard hand is soon smacking the seat of her white panties. The poor girl can feel her bottom starting to burn and then endures the humiliation of him pulling down her panties to reveal her pink cheeks.

Johnny continues to spank and scold Lexi as the punishment progresses and her bottom reddens from the hard spankings. He reminds her about the strap and has Lexi bend over the couch, her bottom fully exposed as he delivers 20 swats of leather across her sore aching cheeks. Lexi has great facial reactions and you will be able to watch her bottom redden beautifully during the punishment.

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