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Free video with Jayda Blayze from Universal Spanking Punishments.

Jayda and her step-dad had an agreement, that if she had to get spanked twice at school or at home in one week she’d have to take very strict spanking! A punishment like that would involve the young lady being presented with 20 implements, and in turn she’d have to pick ten of them to be applied to her bottom. From there she’d have to endure a dozen strokes with each, while in a very focused position! Jayda was only spanked like this few times during her senior year and this is one of those occasions.

It was was interesting to see which implements Jayda would choose for her spanking. It was clear that the defiant girl had a spanking coming her way. Having earned a three swat paddling at school earlier in the week along with a strapping the next day at home, her step-dad informed her to prepare herself for some thorough discipline on Saturday evening, and she’d be positioned on a ladder!

Jayda’s hard strokes started out with a heavy leather paddle and licks with the family strap over her very tight jeans. Tears were dropping to the floor and Jayda pulled her jeans down to reveal a very sore bottom, only covered by a cute pair of thin panties. A thick yardstick with holes, a billet strap, and a wooden paddle would all do their part in an attempt to ensure that better behavior would become a priority.

The final part of the spanking would involve searing hot bare bottom swats with a lexan paddle, strokes with a supple razor strap, swats with a second wooden paddle, punishment with a carpet beater, and more swats with a wooden paddle that had holes! Besides a fair amount of tears Jayda took her discipline like a big girl, she held onto the ladder tight until the paddling ended. Afterwards, Jayda was better behaved and tension that had been in the house went away. In turn, everyone in that home began to get along better and it would be a good while before the belt had to come off again.

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