Mandee Miller is a cute nubian spankee. She stars in Exclusive Education with her real-life auntie- Lana. Lana plays the principal in this video and she had to spank Mandee. She has never spanked Mandee in real life and being a well behaved college student Mandee has actually never been spanked. She went OTK for the the first time in this video. She has the cutest little bottom which quivered not only from the spanking but with nerves!

Lilia is a very pretty cheerleader who thinks it is okay to come to class late. This particular day her class has been very naughty and Lilia thinks she should not have to be punished just because she is a cheerleader. Unfortunately for her Miss Fonda is particularly hard on cheerleaders and has Lilia pulled over her knee on the desk with her cheer skirt pushed up, panties down and curvy bottom very red as she counts her spankings one by one. There will be no special treatment for cheerleaders!

The girls has been soundly spanked by Snow Mercy and Lana and now it is time for the wooden hairbrushes on their bare bottoms. They are taken over the knee of their teacher and then passed on to their principal. Both give a sound hairbrush spanking while classmates watch knowing they will not be next. This is all because the naughty girls had a tickle fight in class and after each girl has been disciplined she faces the board with her sore bottom on display.

The four naughtiest girls are pulled out of the group and whacked repeatedly by both their teacher and the principal. Ten Amorette is the first girl to take the paddle. Ten plays very hard and takes an extremely strict correction in both real-life and video work. Lilia Spinoza plays a spoiled cheerleader who was also forced to submit to to the wooden board on her bare bottom. Lilia looks like the perfect little Catholic Latina and takes her punishment like a good girl. Nena is next, naughty Nena started the tickle fight that got all the girls punished to begin with. The brunette cries out as she is paddled. Finally Julie Knight, an adult star with a secretary look, is paddled to orgasm.

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A naughty class full of schoolgirls knows what happens when they act up. They are taken over the knee of the teacher and principal and given old fashioned spankings. First the girls get very warm bottoms while they are spanked over their plaid skirts, then- to their embarrassment- the skirts are raised but the girls are too busy wailing and moaning to protest. By the time panties come down and sore bottoms exposed, some girls are sobbing from how much a hard thrashing hurts and how humiliating it is to have you wiggling and jiggling bare bottom spanked panties down- in front of the whole class!