Inarguably Spankable – Part One

Featuring: Stevie Rose, Chelsea Pfeiffer & Veda Rose

Stevie and Veda arrive for their shoot with Chelsea a tad late. It’s okay, Chelsea’s ready to go cause she’s got two darlings needing spankings. And, boy do they ever! They walk in the door arguing with each other, which is certainly not an auspicious way to begin a spanking day. Chelsea tries to settle the ladies down, trying to understand their story.

First it’s Veda’s fault, then it’s Stevie’s. Apparently the two, who are roommates had argued in the car during their entire trip. Chelsea decides to forget the script and start shooting immediately. She chooses Veda first, because the feisty blonde has the more bothersome attitude. Veda goes over Chelsea’s knee and soon her cute, tight little behind is bright red! What does Stevie do during all this? She watches delighted, teasing, gloating, taunting Veda, even going so far as to provoke Chelsea! Well…you know what comes next.