Chelsea Spanks Julie

Featuring: Chelsea Pfeiffer and Julie Simone 

Julie’s visit begins much differently. It’s clear from the moment of her arrival that she’s nervous and maybe even a little afraid. It doesn’t help that she’s late and she finds me waiting in the bedroom for her, all ready to go. I see immediately that Julie has dressed rather erotically for me, so I take off her street clothes straight away. I was delighted to see she’d chosen to wear a lovely corset, with stockings and garter. But, instead of being softened by her dressing for me, I’m only encouraged all the more. The spanking begins right away. Over my knee she goes and soon I can see that my hand spanking alone is making a big impression on her. I have several implements on hand which I plan on using and all I can think is that Julie has quite a session in front of her. It isn’t long before I pick up my large hairbrush. She’s been spanked with it before and she shudders at the sight of it.

I’m not dissuaded, however. Julie gets her hairbrush spanking, no matter how much she squeals and wriggles. Then, I decide I’d like to try something new. Something I’ve been meaning to try for a while. I have her lie on her tummy on the bed, with a pillow under her hips so her bottom is raised slightly. I LOVE this position! From there, Julie takes a paddling with my big black paddle. I give her a strapping with TWO different straps, too! Julie’s extremely submissive, so she takes it all bravely, even though it was a very intense session for her. I couldn’t just leave it there. Feeling she’s been a good girl to take so much (albeit not without complaint) I soothe her hot, sore bottom with lots of cooling lotion.