Spanked in Las Vegas

Spanked in Las Vegas Featuring Leia-Ann Woods, Andi and Jadie Reese Three spirited British ladies travel to Las Vegas to raise hell and wind up getting their panties lowered repeatedly in the process. Andi is nominally in charge of the merry and rambunctious group, having made the travel arrangements and bearing most of the responsibilitiesContinue reading Spanked in Las Vegas

Spank Club

Spank Club This has all new ladies and is led by the very dominant and beautiful Bella Bathroy who guides the hotties through a long spanking competition. See who can survive the various spanking and paddling challenges. Cast also includes Elori Stix, Maddy Marks, Stevie Rose, Angela Sommers, Marie, and Tori Avano. Amazing spanking actionContinue reading Spank Club