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Spanking Gallery 11

Classic British spanking and caning videos sexy girls and mature women milfs bare bottom spanked caned strapped and belted hard

Real Live Spanking

Real Live Spanking Wicked Whippings Live, Discipline And Punishment …and that’s what the first half of our may 2000 show is all about, punishment and discipline!  Playing the part of Mandy our new girl KaraJayne is spanked and thrashed with the cane by her headmaster Mr Barton, for playing truant – and boy does our new…

Visit from the Nurse

On an expensive week long school field trip paid for by the parents, Violet and Veronica have told an elaborate lie to cover up the fact that they have plans of their own. They want to explore the town they are in away from prying teachers eyes… treating it more as a vacation. The girls…

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