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Schoolgirl’s Severe Bare Bottom Caning

A Schoolgirl’s Severe Bare Bottom Caning: Ami is forgetful. It is her principal failing and extremely frustrating to her Aunt Alex, who takes care of her. Ami gives her aunt frequent cause to discipline her, usually following Ami having forgotten something. Firstly its her PE Kit, which results in Ami getting slippered by the PEContinue reading Schoolgirl’s Severe Bare Bottom Caning

Schoolgirl Caning Experience

Schoolgirl Caning Experience: Thrill-seeker Harley has her attention grabbed by an ad in a magazine, promising an authentic schoolgirl caning experience. Never having suffered corporal punishment in her life but forever fascinated by stories of English schoolgirls getting the cane on their bottoms, a mix of terror and something else just as primal fills HarleyContinue reading Schoolgirl Caning Experience

Nuna’s Spanking Punishment

Nuna’s Spanking Punishment: Witness what happens to a foul mouthed and very disrespectful step daughter, Nuna Starks, when her daddy decides that she needs a thorough punishment that includes a long sustained OTK spanking with his hand, a leather paddle and a hairbrush. Of course, she is spanked on her bare bouncing cheeks and isContinue reading Nuna’s Spanking Punishment

Misty Stone Sensual Spanking Daizy

Misty Stone Sensual Spanking Daizy: Misty Stone plays a sorority girl who decides to punish classmate Daizy Cooper, who desperately needs to copy off Misty’s homework. This is a firm but extremely sensual spanking, that includes a multitude of sexy positions, different implements in addition to Misty’s hand and even some tongue action. Daizy feelsContinue reading Misty Stone Sensual Spanking Daizy