Spanking The American Brat – Video

Free video with Arella Bell and Lady Jose from AAA Spanking.

Arella is on vacation in Amsterdam and has been more than a little excitable in her hotel room, such that the noise and boisterous behavior have attracted the attention of the furious manager, Lady Jose. She enters the room as Arella jumps around on the couch and tells the American brat that this is unacceptable. Arella is having none of this and continues to be sassy, answering back and showing no remorse…

Until she is threatened with a spanking. A spanking, or ‘billenkoek’ as it is called in The Netherlands, is one of Lady Jose’s preferred methods of correction when dealing with rowdy, rude brats like this tourist! She takes Arella over her lap, dishing out a hard no-nonsense ‘billenkoek’ across the naughty girl’s bare bottom. Arella kicks and squirms but her bare bottom turns swollen and sore as she is also promised the hairbrush.

To humiliate and embarrass the brat, Lady Jose explains in Dutch how Arella must ask for her to give her a hairbrush spanking. After repeating the Dutch phrase correctly, she is placed over the stern imposing lap for a further hard thrashing with the brush. The spanking (billenkoek, remember?) is so harsh that the hotel manager breaks the brush on the brat’s backside! A sound spanking and scolding are finally given to complete the punishment with the poor girl left alone in the room to contemplate behaving or being thrown out while she rubs and soothes her poor aching behind! This is an awesome film that connoisseurs of fine spanking erotica can keep viewing again and again… This film will never get old!

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