Teacher Clare Fonda calls new girl Nikki Sweet into her office and gives her a very pervy inspection. Nikki secretly films it and then has the opportunity to teach Clare a lesson. Clare agrees to take a spanking if Nikki will delete the video of her checking out that bottom. So Clare gets over her knee to take a very sound spanking with hand and hairbrush.

Amber Scott gets the cane

   With her Uniform skirt flipped up her back to reveal white cotton panties that struggle to contain her pert bottom cheeks, Rosie Munroe flinches as a round wooden paddle is applied to her rear. Disrupting class is a serious offence so John Friday pulls down Rosie’s panties to paddle her bare ass crimson..Classic reaction cam shots! “That paddle is a bitch,” said Rosie.

Firm Hand Spanking Rosaleen Young

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