Punishment Beyond Reason

Sarah Stern is not very happy when she gets a phone call from the Head Office on her weekend away to berate her about staffing levels at the office. She had trusted her second in command to ensure that things would run smoothly in her absence. Gemma is told to report to the office immediately to sort things out so is understandably furious. Gemma is shocked to see her Boss and even more so when she realises just how much trouble she is in.

The girl is given a choice, lose her job or accept a punishment. After trying to talk her way out of trouble, it soon becomes clear to her that is she wants to stay, then she must pay. She is made to remove all her clothing. She is spanked in some rather humiliating positions. First of all in the diaper position and then over the knee before being bent over the desk with her legs spread wide to be strapped. When further inaccuracies come to light, she also receives a hard dose of the cane.

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