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Sophie was always a mischievous and rebellious teenager. She hated being told what to do and would often go against her parents’ wishes just to prove a point. Her mother, Dawn, had always been strict with her but Janie never seemed to learn her lesson.

It was the day of Sophie’s final exams and she was supposed to be studying at home. However, Sophie had other plans. She wanted to go for a swim in the family pool, which was strictly forbidden during exam season. But Sophie didn’t care, she thought she could get away with it.

As she was enjoying her swim, her mother returned home unexpectedly and caught her in the act. Dawn, was furious. She had warned Sophie numerous times about the consequences of disobeying her rules. But this time, Dawn, had had enough. She dragged Sophie out of the pool.

Dawn, scolded Janie for her behavior and how she was putting her exams at risk.  Sophie tried to defend herself but Dawn, wouldn’t hear any of it. She knew that she needed to teach her daughter a lesson she wouldn’t forget.

Dawn, made Sophie take off her jeans and bend over the sunlounger. Sophie knew what was coming next and she was scared. Her mother showed her the cane and told her to bare her bottom. Sophie’s heart sank as she knew what was coming next.

Dawn, gave Sophie a hard bare bottom caning, each strike leaving a burning sensation on her skin. Sophie cried out in pain and begged for her mother to stop, but Dawn, was determined to teach her daughter a lesson once and for all.

Story © Cliff James

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