The Sting Of Disobedience – Caning – Part 1 – Video

Free video with Trouble Maker from Assume The Position Studios.

She knows she will be dealt with when she continues to willfully disobey. Her peachy mounds are propped up , tiny panties disappear into the deep crevice of her juicy cheeks. Her cunt peaks out the sides of her panties as the canes whistles, stinging lightly at first. Swish, thwackkk, owwwww, her feet kick up involuntarily as she whimpers. His hand inspects her welt, demanding she hold position. Crying out as her second dozen blazes across her backside.

Her bottom is covered in thin welts, about to receive the heavy reformatory cane that will burn her lesson home. Crying, clenching as the first stroke lands, she whimpers pitifully as the second is lined up. Unbearable penetrating pain cuts across her upturned bottom, blooming with white hot and angry red lines. Obediently she counts, until she breaks under the pain. Regaining composure, the stroke is repeated as she resigns herself and submits to her agonizing discipline.

Full Length Quality Version Here The Sting Of Disobedience – Heavy Caning Welts – Part 2 – Video
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