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Kane Spanking Videos

Over the many years my father George Harrison Marks produced many spanking videos. It seems a shame to let classic Kane spanking videos such as Mandy Bates, Marigolds Academy, Errant Daughter and the like be lost to the world. I have been converting them from the VHS tapes to digital media. Many of these classic…

Dodgy Dealing

The Red Bottom Inn (Part 3) Dodgy Dealing Featuring Miss Morgan, Brigella and Jana Linda couldn’t believe what she was seeing but her eyes weren’t deceiving her. The wretched barmaid was buying drugs from some tarty whore and on her premises. Now she knew why the little madam had her fingers in the till and foolishly…

Brigella’s Punishment Caning

Brigella’s Punishment Caning Featuring Brigella and Master Kain Believe it as you will but this is a real thirty six stroke punishment caning given to Brigella on her bare bottom by the inimitable Master Kain for reasons that both she and he know. This was filmed at the end of days shooting at the Oasis in…

Brigella Truant Spanked

Brigella The Truant Spanked Featuring Brigella Brigella gets caught by the the truancy office bunking off school. Her punishment is swift and harsh, a knickers down bare bottom spanking Prefects Pleasure – The Video                                                                                    

Brigella TV Repair Spanking

Brigella TV Repair Spanking Featuring Brigella Brigella thought it such a wheeze to pinch the TV repairman’s bum, as he repaired her television.  She regretted it when he took her over his knee, bared her bottom by dragging her knickers down and spanked her hard! Prefects Pleasure – The Video                                                                                    

Spanked by Her Brother

Spanked by Her Brother   Marc was well cheesed off when many of his prized CDs were missing. He was sure he knew the culprit and he wasn’t wrong. He was so annoyed but his sister Brigella couldn’t stop laughing which made the matter worse. Brigella’s laughter soon came to an abrupt stop when her…

Free Spanking Pictures

Free Spanking Pictures

The Headmaster’s Punishment

The headmaster interviews two wayward school girls and decides they need a bare bottom tawsing to start with!In this feature length production Kara Jayne stars as Carter, Brigella stars as Saunders and Donna as Baker (all naughty school girls) with Mr Forder as the Headmaster.Mr Forder punishes the naughty girls with the cane and the…