Category: F/F Spanking

Held and Paddled

After Spanking and Paddling Reyna, Apricot both seduces and puts Reyna on her back, in the diaper position, and straps her with a heavy strap on the bare bottom. You can see the excitement glistening from between Reyna’s legs as she has dreamed of being punished by another girl. Every time the strap lands she…

Wooden Spoon Spanking

It seemed like a big joke for Rosaleen being spanked – things changed though as she was hauled over the kitchen table for a dose of the wooden spoon Click here for more FREE spanking pictures

Busted Teacher

Teacher Clare Fonda calls new girl Nikki Sweet into her office and gives her a very pervy inspection. Nikki secretly films it and then has the opportunity to teach Clare a lesson. Clare agrees to take a spanking if Nikki will delete the video of her checking out that bottom. So Clare gets over her…

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