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Spanking Gallery 11

Classic British spanking and caning videos sexy girls and mature women milfs bare bottom spanked caned strapped and belted hard

The Wooden Hairbrush

The Wooden Hairbrush Pixie can’t talk her way out of her punishment for shoplifting with Angelina. Veronica gives her a severe spanking with a wooden hairbrush delivered straight to the bare. Pixie’s bottom turns a deep crimson after a ferocious bare bottom spanking and severe hairbrush punishment which brings her close to tears! Perhaps this…

Spanked for Pouting

The Pout Introducing gorgeous bratty babe Lorraine and Michael Diamond Lorraine has always been able to get out of trouble with anyone, using her incredible looks and by giving them her best pout. But after her third speeding ticket, she isn’t getting away with anything from Michael and is taken OTK for a damned hard…

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