Cry Me a River: A Bare Bottom Paddling – VideoFree Spanking Video

Free video with Tiana and Jayda from Universal Spanking Punishments.

Jayda often walked around her home with a very sore bottom. She was regularly spanked by her parental figures, though some of her most memorable punishments came from her older step-sister! The rules of their house were simple, the older and more mature sibling had the authority to spank her younger step-sister. However, Jayda was thrilled that her older step-sis was going to be going to college soon and moving out of the house, finally her butt wouldn’t be on fire all of the time!

Just as Jayda became used to the idea that Tiana was going to be moving away, there was a change of plans. It was decided that Tiana would instead attend community college for the next year or two, and in turn Jayda’s bottom would still have to bend over for her step-sis almost anytime that she required. Tiana could spank really hard and was super strict, in fact she recently gave Jayda a really stern spanking on her already sore cheeks! Jayda had been strapped the night before for a half hour by her step-dad for disobedience, and just one day later you’re going to see what Tiana did to Jayda for wearing her clothes.

Tiana noticed once again that her clothes (specifically her panties) had been worn by Jayda and she wasn’t having it. The older step-sis had full permission to spank Jayda whenever she deserved it and Tiana made sure to dish out painful discipline on a frequent basis. When Tiana confronted Jayda about the situation she lied and insulted Tiana, so she took the sassy girl over her knee for a rapid fire spanking! Jayda’s bare cheeks were smacked mercilessly by Tiana as her younger step-sis kicked and squirmed! You could see that Jayda’s bubble butt was already swollen just from the hand spanking, though Tiana wanted to make sure that her step-sis suffered even more. It was a humiliating situation for Jayda, Tiana made her bend over for a cruel strapping. And even worse, Jayda had to take her panties off (which were not hers) and Tiana stuffed them in her mouth as she delivered full swing paddle swats! You could hear Jayda’s muffled screams as the board blasted her bottom repeatedly, the girl just needed to learn to stay out of Tiana’s way.

You’re going to love this video and watch for some bonus and playful scenes that feature some wrestling and Jayda spanking Tiana!!!

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Mr. Barton strips her of her head girl status and administers a long hard spanking strapping and caning to her bare backside.

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