Two Cheating Schoolgirls

Free video with Sarah Gregory, Miss Iceni and Matilda Caesar from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah and Matilda were caught cheating. Their essays were almost identical and this isn’t the first time this has happened. They are sent to Headmistress Iceni to be disciplined. She interrogates them both but they still will not admit who copied who so they are each spanked over the stern lady’s lap. Headmistress uses the humiliating ritual of punishing each girl over their school pinafore dress followed by a spanking over the tight, full-fitting regulation knickers before the inevitable and embarrassing smacking of the bare exposed bottom.

This is carried out while the other girl must watch in horror at what is to come and for the girl receiving the spanking feeling humbled that her fellow miscreant can see everything! The girls still won’t admit who copied who so they are put into the embarrassing ‘Winchester Position’ over two chairs for a hard dozen swats from a leather strap. There is added humiliation as one miscreant must hold a heavy book out at arm’s length and if they fail to keep the book steady or it falls, an additional two strokes from the mean School Reformatory Strap is added.

Naturally, both girls fail to hold the book in position so they both receive the two extra strokes… And now the truth finally comes out as they can not keep up the pretense any longer! They copied old essays from the Library thinking that nobody would know as the texts were so old. With their bottoms sore and red they are told to sit on the chairs, back to back, and write their essays with the added discomfort of sitting on a stinging bare bottom!

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