Regressed To A Naughty Young Girl – Part 2 – Video

Free video with Sarah Stern and Essie from Mommy Sarah Spanks.

If Essie is naughty, she is not allowed any pleasure. She has of late, managed to upset her Step Mommy greatly so has not been allowed to join her in her bed. Essie misses pleasing her Step Mommy and being able to come so decides she will play with herself in the living room whilst nobody is around. Dressed in her cute school uniform, she spreads her legs wide and puts her hands down her white school panties.

She rubs her clit and pussy while fantasising about what her Step Mommy likes her to do in bed. She is so engrossed in bringing herself to a long-awaited climax that she does not see her Step Mommy Sarah arrive. How dare she play with herself and make her knickers wet when she has been so disrespectful and naughty? Essie is scolded sharply and told to prepare herself for the most fearsome of punishments.

A good hard dose of the cane on her bare bottom Knickers at her knees she is told to bend over the naughty chair whilst Step Mommy swishes the cane menacingly. The fear Essie feels can clearly be seen but naughty girls must be punished and punished severely. Stroke after hard stroke leave welts on her bare bottom and make poor Essie yelp with pain.

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