Regressed To A Naughty Young Girl – Part 1 – Video

Free video with Sarah Stern and Essie from Mommy Sarah Spanks.

Step Mommy Sarah is on the phone to her company discussing whether Essie would benefit from coming along to her house. Bratty Essie has already made her feelings known about sharing her Step Mommy but that hasn’t curbed her bad behaviour. Step Mommy Sarah has kicked her heels from her stockinged feet and is trying to relax whilst discussing her latest work problem on the phone. She is using her naughty little brat as a foot stool.

Essie should know better, but she interrupts her Step Mommies call not once, but three times because she wants to get up and get refreshments. Poor Step Mommy Sarah! Instead of being able to relax she once more has to teach this very bratty girl a lesson. Essie is dressed in her cute Maid uniform, but the skirt and panties are soon pulled up in order for Step Mommy to get to the bottom of things. A hard fast punishment spanking leaves Essie gasping for breath and close to tears. To add to her humiliation, her panties are shoved into her mouth and she is made to stand in the corner with her red sore bottom on display.

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