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Miss Havering has a reputation to protect, and she’s very careful with it: prim, proper and poised. Even so, it doesn’t take a Great Detective to figure out that she’s getting something more from her spanking adventures than the simple joy of good discipline. And when her various charges are away, and the school is closed for the weekend, and nobody from her day-to-day life is around to catch her out. Well, then she might find herself feeling a little uncharacteristically mischievous, perhaps.

Slumbering on her sofa one sunny Sunday afternoon as her gardener toils away outside, she’s overtaken by a sudden wild fantasy. What would it be like to go outside and smack his bottom, hard, over his soil-stained clothes? How might he react if she accused him of being in need of some galvanising punishment to keep him from slacking off?

He’d guess, perhaps, what the laced-up schoolmistress was really looking for. Maybe he’d chase her into her bedroom and discover there her favourite leather paddle, throw up her skirts without a hint of remorse. Why, it would be almost like she’d planned the whole thing…

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