Leather Is Better – The Jeans Come Down – VideoFree Spanking Video

Free video with Camille from Universal Spanking Punishments.

Camille is a friend and often humorous, but she’s also frequently sassy and full of attitude. On this occasion she is given a rare punishment, a painful spanking punishment. The hard licks start right away with the strap over her tight jeans followed up by heated strokes with the riding crop, a leather shoe paddle, and the leather belt. Her attitude becomes adjusted though when the wooden paddle is applied, and often that is the case.

Swats with the wooden paddle can rattle even the most defiant girl while giving her a better and brighter outlook. In this session, Camille learns a lesson and you can bet she’ll be a better behaved young lady, or she’ll be getting more of the belt and the board!

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Mr. Barton strips her of her head girl status and administers a long hard spanking strapping and caning to her bare backside.

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