A Thief Tawsed And Caned – Video

Free video with Sarah Stern and Kali Redmond English Spankers.

Sarah Stern is the manager of a large department store. Sadly the shop has recently had a spate of thefts so additional security guards have been employed. A couple of young women were seen to be acting suspiciously in the changing rooms. When they where questioned they both tried to flee. One managed to escape and the other was taken directly to the managers office. Kali Redmond denies any wrongdoing but Sarah Stern is no fool.

The shoes Kali is wearing are from the latest collection and still have the price tag on the bottom of them. Sarah is quite within her rights to call the police but knows that they will probably let her off with a caution. Mrs Stern feels that an alternative consequence would be far more fitting.

As Kali has been caught red handed she should made to be so. It is proposed that Kali should receive 12 strokes of the heavy tawse. 6 on each hand. The strokes are to be full strength and severe. Kali is not keen on this option but doesn’t really want involvement from the authorities so reluctantly agrees. As Mrs Stern begins the punishment she notices that the blouse that Kali is wearing still has the stores label in it and so is also stolen! She immediately doubles the amount of punishment strokes to be given from 12 to 24 and insists that Kali remove the stolen clothing. As her hands are already incredibly welted and bruised the Store Manager decides that another type of punishment should be given. The tawse is a very versatile implement and can be just as effective when applied to a bare bottom.

Mrs Stern has two heavy tawse. A two tail and a three tail. They are both authentic punishment tools which where used in days gone by to correct wayward girls. To really make sure the message that stealing is wrong is received the cane is also going to be applied. Kali tries to wriggle out of this very nasty punishment but she knows that if she doesn’t accept it then the police will be called. She pulls down her knickers and bends over the desk. Mrs Stern is in no rush to administer this painful thrashing and takes her time. Each stroke is applied full power and bites into both of her tender cheeks. The marks are almost immediate. Both tawse are used and redden her bottom beautifully and provide some wonderful welts which are only added to when the cane is also given. A hard lesson for this shoplifter.

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