Poor Report Burning Bottom

Raven Mackenzie makes a most painful return in this special 2-part movie, with two complete films across our network of sites. In this first episode, she has thrown away her dreadful School Report which shows she has failed miserably in many of her scholastic subjects. She knows that it will upset her parents and she would be punished in some way for her appalling grades. Of course, it is discovered by Dad in the kitchen trash and he calls her into his study when she comes home from school.

She can offer no excuses for the awful results and the fact she tried to deceive them both by throwing away the evidence of her failures. Raven’s fears of a spanking are compounded by her foolish behavior and he takes her over the paternal lap for a hard (and this *really* is hard) hand spanking that has her yelping, especially across her bare bottom once her regulation knickers are pulled down. He would have sufficed with this severe hand spanking but Raven continues to answer back and swears at him which means that he promises her that her filthy mouth will be dealt with later by her mother.

However, he first removes his thick leather belt, then places her on the sofa, bottom up, for the unrelenting merciless leathering that reduces her to tears. Raven’s poor behavior has resulted in this punishment and she is one very sorry-looking young lady by the end of this domestic discipline. Wait until her mother gets home!

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