Veronica Caught After Curfew – Video

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Veronica had been recently grounded, and since she was still living at home, she knew she had to follow the House Rules no matter what. However, she showed a massive lack of disrespect when she was allowed to meet friends during the evening by lying about where she was going and how she was dressed. Her parents tried to text and call but she refused to answer. They feared the worst, out of genuine concern, so John stays up late to find her sneaking in at 2 AM dressed inappropriately…

It was obvious that she had been out partying! He is relieved she is okay but upset that she lied to them about where she was and what she was doing; Her unacceptable and selfish behavior once more ruins the trust issue. Veronica is told that she will be punished right then and there and this time she will also go fetch the ‘Family Strap’ to complete her punishment. He takes her over the paternal lap and is appalled at her choice of skimpy underwear and sexually provocative clothing.

This time she receives a spanking across her bare, exposed bottom to teach her about the embarrassment of being spanked hard by him in this way. Once her bottom is a glowing dark red, she is told to fetch the strap, a humiliating exercise in itself as she has not had this nasty implement used across her derriere for some time. Veronica is placed lying down on the sofa, her bottom upturned for the relentless swats of leather, with further mean chastisement and scolding including many more hard hand spankings to teach her some respect and manners.

In the morning, she must sincerely apologize to both her parents for her behavior, and she knows this night will be uncomfortable lying on her tummy because of her sore, throbbing bottom.

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