Spanked By Mommy

Sarah Stern has tried almost everything to make her two naughty charges toe the line and behave. They have been spanked and strapped and humiliated with corner time and being punished in revealing and humiliating positions but it has been to no avail. Alora and Essie just cannot seem to get on and the minute their Step Mommy turns her back they are fighting and falling out. Sarah has just about had enough and decides the the only option open to her to try and make this duo behave is to use her cane.

The girls have both been made to change into their special punishment uniforms and they arrive back downstairs with some trepidation. Sarah has two canes and makes the girls hold them in their mouths with their hands on their heads whilst she scolds them and tells them exactly how she is going to deal with them. One at a time they are made to kneel in the naughty chair for the cane. Their Step Mommy is so cross with them that she makes sure that every single stroke is administered just as hard as she can.

Alora and Essie are both left with welted raw bottoms and made once more to stand in the corner. But will this make these terrible two learn a lesson?

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