Hide n Shriek – Video

Free Video with Stevie Rose and Marie Lavender from Fetish Flixx

Stevie and Marie are hiking when Stevie starts to brag about her hiding skills and says that if Marie turned her back and Stevie hid, Marie wouldn’t be able to find her in a count of 100. Marie says if she does, she wants to spank Stevie, but if she doesn’t, Stevie can spank her. They agree and off Stevie goes. At 99, Stevie jumps out and says 100, which Marie says means that Stevie loses since Marie wasn’t the one to say 100.

They argue until they agree to call it a draw, and both take spankings. They take each other to a rock and both girls are spanked hard standing up, starting with Stevie. Then Marie takes Stevie’s shorts and panties down and finds an old abandoned paddle in the bushes that she uses to punish her friend. When the girls switch places, Stevie is determined to pay her friend back for the hard spanking when she felt she rightfully won in the first place, so she beats Marie’s bare bottom soundly and paddles her double, before both realize its getting dark and hurry back up the trail with butts that are on fire.

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