Riley Spanked Hard At Home – Video

Free Video with Jas JayBird from Cheerleader Spankings.

Riley’s dad confronts her over why she is still wearing the school cheer uniform when she has been kicked off the squad. He doesn’t like her attitude or the lies she is telling as he knows she can no longer be on the team, and he reminds her that lying has consequences. It has been some time since she had received a spanking at home but all that is about to change as she is placed on the paternal lap.

His hard hand smacks her full round cheeks and she kicks and squirms as her tight panties are pulled down for the inevitable continued correction across her bared cheeks. The mean smacks from his strong hands begin to grab her attention and she is leg-locked for the wriggling as the spanking concludes with the use of a stinging hairbrush that brings Riley to a flood of tears. By the end of this punishment, she is one very sorry, chastised young lady who promises to behave and not lie or wear a uniform to which she is no longer entitled.

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