Spanked After Sunday School – Video

Free Video with Miss Iceni and Matilda Caesar from AAA Spanking.

Matilda has been detained in the Vestry after Services and Sunday School because she had disrupted Morning Mass with her foolish prank. Welcome to another of our ‘Catholic Discipline’ series. Miss Iceni (the Sunday School teacher) disciplined Matilda for changing the Hymn Board numbers confusing the Priest and the congregation. With the evidence staring Matilda in the face, she is told that disrespecting God’s House has consequences. That starts with a spanking over the stern teacher’s lap right there in the Vestry.

Poor Matilda tries to apologize to Jesus, and even God but this won’t save her from a hard hand spanking across her bare buttocks.  The Sunday School teacher’s hand stings the naughty sinner’s bottom to a glowing pink. The next stage of her punishment is a painful tawsing across her hands. This will teach her mischievous fingers not to touch the Hymn Board. Miss Iceni then uses the righteous ‘Strap of Redemption’ across Matilda’s buttocks. Matilda is placed kneeling uncomfortably on the wooden pew and her nether regions bared to the Almighty. As a final act of contrition, Matilda must join Miss Iceni in reciting The Lord’s Prayer to ask forgiveness for her poor behavior.

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